Severe Period Cramps and How to Deal With Them

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3 min readMay 27, 2021

Have you ever cursed your menstrual cramps or the stars above? — This one’s for you!

Once in a while, your dear old menstrual cycle sabotages your life a little bit. I still remember the first time I got my period, we all do, don’t we? I was caught by surprise by the stain that seemed to appear from nowhere. Perplexed and bewildered, I began to wonder, “was it the junk that I ate, that’s causing this terrible ache?” That level of agony was something that I had never felt before. The persistent cramps and intolerable pain appeared to have taken over my life for the next four days. The pain was too loyal to leave. So to everyone else who undergoes the same, I’d like to say- hang in there, you’re definitely not alone.

Here are some things that I have learnt about menstrual cramps and why are they so hard hitting:

Menstrual cramps are most likely caused by an excess of prostaglandins — wait, WHAT? Prostaglandins are basically compounds that are released from the uterine lining as it prepares to be shed. They are a necessary part of the process, but in excess, they cause pain. So if you’re facing the pain, let no one tell you otherwise- it is unavoidable and valid.

Everyone experiences it differently. Cramps can be barely noticeable or severe. You might have them before, after or in the middle of your cycle. They may start strong and feel better as the hours pass, or come and go more randomly. So basically, They may strike you at anytime- YES, I know it’s rough but you got this, okay?

Now that you know the hard hitting reality, here are some quick and easy pain management techniques that I have tried : And yes, they worked!

  • Medication — Ask your doctor what would suit you best. However, medicines have never really cured it all for me but they do help many, so to each their own, I guess!
  • Heat pads — Your grandmother’s hot water bottle is nothing to scoff at — heat is a low-fi, but trust me, they’re a BIG relief!
  • Stress relief — Are you stressing too much? I suggest, DON’T. It is just going to make the cramps worse for you so try not to stress out. I have learnt it the hard way — your submissions and commitments can wait.
  • Diet changes — Having a good water intake and eating healthy has definitely made a huge difference for me.
  • Exercise — Exercise can most likely help in easing cramps, at least in part by increasing blood flow to the abdomen. It is one of the most effective ways, but you have to be regular at it.
  • Self-care — Cheers you up and distracts you from all the pain! Could be anything under the sun, whatever makes you happy.
  • Do not ignore the pain — Definitely visit a doctor if you have a pain that doesn’t get better by the list of remedies given above — not to scare you but simply because it’s always better to keep yourself in check.

About the Author — Amisha Zalani is a recent psychology graduate from Lady Shri Ram College. She started her journey with Project Baala in 2018 and has been connected with the organisation ever since. She strongly believes in building a vocal and aware society where menstruation isn’t a taboo as it leads to ignorance and illiteracy on menstrual hygiene management. Currently, she is pursing a career within the creative space, from design and aesthetics to brand management and marketing, she’s one to do it all.



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